Adora is a brand created by Arredoclassic with an ambitious goal: to revolutionize the grammar of a classic language that comes to life thanks to the company’s passion for the tradition of Italian luxury furniture. Adora therefore stands alongside the collections of this historical brand, offering a new way of looking at Italian design: a contemporary elegance that inspires prestigious interiors.

The Adora collections convey echoes of the mastery and sophistication of Renaissance geometries, as the design draws heavily on the richness of that tradition. The novelty stems from the fact that these elements are translated into new forms, keeping pace with our time in a matrimony between tradition and innovation.

Made in Italy as a quality guarantee

For Adora, Made in Italy is not only a production system already consolidated for Arredoclassic, but also the focal point of the company’s entire vision: creating in Italy and being able to control the various stages of furniture production is not only a job but above all a passion. The Italian taste for perfection is the first step towards the collection’s renewal: contemporary forms, drawn by designers with decades of experience but always with an eye to the future, creative talents who can sense and interpret what an enlightened and complex public such as ours wants.

The philosophy of luxury à porter

The Luxury-à-porter pay off expresses the entire vision of Adora in a synthetic manner. In this new brand’s paradigm, luxury must be a ‘feasible desire’, something that reaches a wide audience while catering to sophisticated and well-defined tastes. The pleasure of luxury is therefore combined with advantageous production solutions, creating sumptuous sceneries for a contemporary audience that interprets classicism as a possible declination of the present.