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Our intention is to suggest the most suitable styles to your personality, guiding you in the choice of the best solution. Our articles will suggest new ways of envisioning luxury italian furniture, offering solutions and tips to make your living room and your bedroom a place of luxury and character.

Adora Collection: contemporary living rooms Styles
31 Maggio 2022

Ambra and Essenza contemporary living rooms: let yourself be inspired by warm colours that lift your spirit

When we talk about contemporary living rooms, we almost always tend to imagine environments dominated by neutral colours, such as grey or total white, by essential, square furniture and by compact, space-saving solutions designed to combine design and (multi)functionality.
Classic dining room ideas 2022 Interior Design Items
25 Maggio 2022

7 Classic dining room ideas 2022 for beautiful gatherings and events

The year 2022 has seen, and will continue to see in the coming months, a return to a classic-contemporary, or minimal-chic taste, both for the more intimate areas of the home, such as bedrooms, and for more lived-in areas, such as the living and dining rooms.
Luxury bedroom trends 2022: Arredo Classic Trends
20 Maggio 2022

Luxury bedroom trends 2022: colours, furniture and interior ideas

The bedroom is the most intimate room in the house and when it comes to designing this space and renovating its concept, adding a personal touch that reflects your own taste is always a good idea.
Choose the best dining room table Interior Design Items
20 Dicembre 2021

Dining room table: how to choose the best one?

When you are renovating or designing a space such as your dining room, the first important choice to make is the table. You must choose your dining room table carefully.
Choosing the curtain design for a living room Styles
20 Dicembre 2021

5 Things you should know before choosing the curtain design for a living room

The interior design of a home includes several macro and micro aspects that together make the environment consistent in style, obviously with the joy of those who will live there. Among furniture, colors, light, floors, accessories and home decor, even curtain design plays an important aesthetic role.
Interior design style Styles
20 Dicembre 2021

Interior design styles: what is yours?

The quest for the perfect solution for your home among the many interior design styles can sometimes be a real adventure. In the first instance because of the enormous variety of styles, current or less so, that make up the universe of the interior design. In the second instance (but no less importantly) because of personal tastes.
Difference between classic and traditional style: Living Room Fantasia Styles
20 Dicembre 2021

Interior design: what is the difference between classic and traditional style?

Comparing two styles of interior design such as classic and traditional means making a series of  clear distinctions concerning different levels of design, but that do not go past the aspects that the two styles share which are more than the dividing ones.
Best upholstery fabrics, leather and eco-leather for dining room chairs Interior Design Items
20 Dicembre 2021

Best upholstery fabrics, leather and eco-leather for dining room chairs: discover the finest textiles

When it comes to dining room furniture, every stylistic feature warrants meticulous attention to detail. The elegance and beauty of Italian style is often reflected in individual decorative details and fine upholstery fabrics.
Reasons to love a classic interior design style: Living Room Melodia Styles
20 Dicembre 2021

5 Reasons to love a classic interior design style

Classicism is defined by the Britannica encyclopedia as a “complex of theoretical concepts and practical norms drawn from the ancient Greeks and Romans and applied to the composition and evaluation of works of art".