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Our intention is to suggest the most suitable styles to your personality, guiding you in the choice of the best solution. Our articles will suggest new ways of envisioning luxury italian furniture, offering solutions and tips to make your living room and your bedroom a place of luxury and character.

neoclassic-style-living-room Styles
9 Ottobre 2019

Neoclassic style living room: Create your living room with Arredoclassic Collections

Neoclassic style means elegance and balance. The living room is the preferred place for welcoming and entertaining people. Being able to welcome your guests in your home, surrounding them with an elegant, perfect and timeless atmosphere, is priceless and will give you endless satisfaction.
renaissance-style-living-room-2 (1) Interior Design Items
27 Settembre 2019

Lightness and elegance of a Renaissance style living room: the Donatello Collection

Classic style furniture has always been a universal source of inspiration. Interior designers and customers favour the timeless charm of this style to tastefully furnish luxury homes.
dining-room-harmonious-arredoclassic (1) Styles
23 Settembre 2019

Make your dining room more harmonious with Arredoclassic collections

Creating a classic dining room means giving a new look and image to one of the most important rooms in your home. Are you furnishing your dining area and want to make it more classic with furniture in perfect classic Italian style?
luxury-master-bedroom-ideas Styles
9 Settembre 2019

Luxury master bedroom ideas: how to design it with an elegant neoclassical style

About 250 years ago, the genius of Canova captured the overwhelming passion of Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss in a world-renowned sculpture group, impressing the definition of Neoclassicism in the minds and hearts of art lovers.
classic-style-armchair-living-room (1) Styles
30 Agosto 2019

Classic style armchair: find here what you need for your living room

Armchairs are essential elements in the furnishing of a living room, capable of offering not only comfort, but also of visually enriching the environment.  For this reason, it is important to choose the perfect armchairs, so as to create a classy furnishing composition.
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26 Agosto 2019

The elegance of a neoclassical style sofa: The Arredoclassic collections

  In any classical style furnishing setting, every element plays an essential role in creating the perfect atmosphere. For example, in the living room, sofas are what set out the functional and aesthetic profile of the room.
Give-personality-to-your-living-room-interior-design-with-Arredoclassic-and-Adora-3 Styles
2 Agosto 2019

Furnish your classic Italian style living room with an elegant Arredoclassic collection

Arredoclassic's furniture collections encapsulate the elegance and timeless spirit of classic Italian style – the perfect option for those looking to combine elegance with glitz and glamour.
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26 Luglio 2019

Renaissance furniture: useful tips when designing your living room

Are you redesigning your living room and looking to recreate an elegant space? Why not take a look at our countless classic furniture options?
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12 Luglio 2019

Classic Italian living room style: how to decorate a space elegantly

When it comes to spaces decorated in a classic style, it’s all about channelling innate elegance and timeless spirit into every item of furniture, and in order to do so, attention to detail is key.