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Our intention is to suggest the most suitable styles to your personality, guiding you in the choice of the best solution. Our articles will suggest new ways of envisioning luxury italian furniture, offering solutions and tips to make your living room and your bedroom a place of luxury and character.

What makes a living room contemporary? The basic elements Interior Design Items
10 Gennaio 2020

What makes a living room contemporary? The basic elements

Contemporary interiors are by far the most popular living room style.
choose-best-dining-room-table (1) Interior Design Items
11 Dicembre 2019

Dining room table: how to choose the best one?

When you are renovating or designing a space such as your dining room, the first important choice to make is the table. You must choose your dining room table carefully.
dining-room-colour-ideas-00 Styles
26 Novembre 2019

4 dining room colour ideas for an elegant and warm atmosphere

Let’s say your ideal dining room is sophisticated and elegant. Let’s say you’ve always dreamed about a sumptuous and luxurious place, where you can welcome your friends and guests in complete relaxation and in a warm and pleasant environment.
dining-room-decor-mistakes Styles
15 Novembre 2019

Dining room décor: 7 common mistakes to avoid

The dining room is the place where fellowship, aesthetics, and comfort determine the atmosphere and perception of the entire furnishing scenario. This is why you should pay attention when devising an interior design project for this room.
made-in-italy-contemporary-furnishing Styles
7 Novembre 2019

Made in Italy doesn't mean classic: all you need to know about contemporary Italian furnishing

Italian style means elegance and sophistication, in all its variations. Indeed, Made-in-Italy products are famous and recognized worldwide, not only for their fine classic style, but also for their contemporary aesthetics.
living-room-furniture-trends Trends
31 Ottobre 2019

Here they are: the 2020 major living room furnishing trends

When it comes to interior design, we need to stay ahead of the game. Architects, interior designers and companies are always on track, monitoring new trends.
dining-room-harmonious-arredoclassic (1) (1) Furniture
23 Ottobre 2019

4 rules for the perfect dining room lighting

When it comes to choosing the light fixtures for your room, we often think that browsing through a catalogue will be sufficient to choose the lamp we like best. It’s not always that easy. Often, the lamp we like in a magazine or in a store, does not match the room we are furnishing at all.
neoclassic-style-living-room Styles
9 Ottobre 2019

Neoclassic style living room: Create your living room with Arredoclassic Collections

Neoclassic style means elegance and balance. The living room is the preferred place for welcoming and entertaining people. Being able to welcome your guests in your home, surrounding them with an elegant, perfect and timeless atmosphere, is priceless and will give you endless satisfaction.
renaissance-style-living-room-2 (1) Interior Design Items
27 Settembre 2019

Lightness and elegance of a Renaissance style living room: the Donatello Collection

Classic style furniture has always been a universal source of inspiration. Interior designers and customers favour the timeless charm of this style to tastefully furnish luxury homes.