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What are the most important elements of interior design in 2021? Trends
18 Giugno 2021

What are the most important elements of interior design in 2021?

Minimalism, eco-sustainability and personalization: this trio is the most comprehensive key to interpreting the most important interior design elements of 2021. Over the last two years we have witnessed and taken part in significant changes in the design of living spaces, linked to lifestyles that now have new needs: the Covid-19 pandemic has influenced - and will continue to influence for a long time - the world of furnishing. Reconnection with the natural dimension through materials and objects inspired by an organic world, more fluid and multifunctional spaces redesigned for pleasant living. This is the direction in which those in the industry are moving, suggesting the way to go if we are thinking about restyling. To complete an already rich style panorama, one that is constantly evolving and influenced by the most diverse needs, there are a number of interior design elements that are enjoying great success in 2021. In this article, let's discover together the most significant interior design proposals of 2021, so we can understand how best to create environments that respect high standards in terms of customization, practicality and aesthetics.
Which colors add warmth to a modern room? Styles
11 Giugno 2021

Which colors add warmth to a modern room?

In popular imagination, the word home evokes pleasant feelings of well-being, tranquility and security. Your own home is the perfect refuge where you can relax in the company of your family and friends, regain the energy you have spent during the day, and get away from the chaotic pace of everyday life. This search for serenity inevitably leads us towards the design of a hospitable home, with welcoming environments. This is a complex process, in which a good amount of time, effort and attention must be invested choosing every detail  to get it right: lighting, furnishings, arrangement of objects, selection of the most suitable materials for floors and walls, colors to be applied to walls. A set of apparently unrelated elements, at least initially, which takes shape day after day and, during the restyling phases, reveal s a very precise stylistic direction. In an analytical process aimed at defining environments, color choices certainly play a fundamental role. For this reason, it is always a good idea to think carefully before assigning a certain hue to each space, asking the question: which colors give warmth to a room?
What are the interior design trends for 2021? Trends
4 Giugno 2021

What are the interior design trends for 2021?

The Covid-19 pandemic hit the world like a mighty storm, completely revolutionizing every segment of daily life: work and school activities, travel and leisure opportunities were overwhelmed by a sudden force that shuffled the cards of a society that had been well established for decades. This sudden change of scenarios has also reached the home decoration sector highly influenced by a radically altered lifestyle, which has consequently aligned its trends with the new decorative and functional needs arising from a precarious and constantly changing situation. This accelerated evolution has prompted reflection on the part of professionals and customers, who are the creators and spectators respectively of trends that will take - and are already taking - possession of structurally and aesthetically redesigned spaces. In a mixture of merged practical needs and ornamental aspects, we are witnessing a regeneration of our living space that provides inspiration for the stylistic redesign of our homes. In this article, we find out which interior design trends of 2021 are having the most success and how new furniture innovations can be integrated into existing furnishings.
Which are the new Pantone colors of 2021? Trends
28 Maggio 2021

Which are the new Pantone colors of 2021?

Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Grey: these are the colors of 2021 according to the Pantone Color Institute. The shade of Illuminating Yellow is reminiscent of the golden hues of a summer sunset, while Ultimate Grey - a softer, lighter shade - is a grey that evokes a sense of composure and stability. These unusual colors are not lacking in versatility, adapting to different furnishing contexts in the home. In particular, they are ideal for creating daring furnishing atmospheres, as they are part of the color palette perfect for contemporary style. Both colors are able to dress the interi or of your living space with charm and elegance, evoking a pleasant feeling of comfort and luxury. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to decorate each room in your home by playing with these fantastic shades.  
Color trends for 2021: which are the best colors for interior paint? Styles
21 Maggio 2021

Color trends for 2021: which are the best colors for interior paint?

Whether you want to completely renovate a house or just make a few stylistic changes, wall painting is one of the most important steps for a successful total or partial redesign. This is essential to create a visual coherence within the living spaces, in a balanced color scheme that harmoniously links the style of the rooms. We are often guided by personal taste and current trends, but we should ask ourselves a few questions before assigning a certain color to a room. Which shade best matches the existing furniture? Do we opt for a bold color or for a more neutral palette? Do the furnishings have a classic or a modern style? There are many questions to be considered before deciding which color to paint your walls. To get the best possible guide within a color palette that is truly varied and constantly evolving, it may be useful to know what the 2021 color trends are. In this respect, we have compiled 5 tips that you can take as a starting point for choosing the right shades to apply to the walls of your rooms. Color trend 2021: a challenge between discretion and liveliness     1. White and cream, the elegance of simplicity     2. Grey, Pantone color of the year 2021     3. Green, a reminder of nature     4. Brown and dove grey, the colors of the earth     5. Navy blue, the certainty of an evergreen How to create a harmonious environment, all the tricks
10 Ways to create a warm contemporary living room Styles
14 Maggio 2021

10 Ways to create a warm contemporary living room

The living room is the perfect place to make a style statement. It is the space where a moment of sharing with family or friends may turn into an exclusive visual and emotional experience. In fact, when it comes to welcoming relatives and visitors into your home, the living room becomes your visiting card, a place where you can recognise yourself and be recognised, by creating a classy and refined furnishing atmosphere. Creating a contemporary furnishing scenario will allow you to give new character and personality to this environment, achieving a final result with high stylistic content. You need to follow certain rules regarding style, functionality, decoration and furniture arrangement, in order to create a warm and cosy atmosphere in the living room. Below you will find out what we are talking about!
Traditional and contemporary design: what is the main difference? Styles
7 Maggio 2021

Traditional and contemporary design: what is the main difference?

Made in Italy interior design has always paid impeccable attention to detail and a love of refined and elegant style.
5 Reasons to love a neoclassical interior design style Styles
23 Aprile 2021

5 Reasons to love a neoclassical interior design style

Neoclassical design emerged in the 18th and 19th centuries - after Baroque and Rococo - and since then, spreading from Europe to America, it has become one of the most appreciated and popular styles.
What are the main features of the neoclassical furniture style? Styles
16 Aprile 2021

What are the main features of the neoclassical furniture style?

The classic furniture style has timeless, elegant and refined decorative potential. Furniture designed to the canons of this aesthetic trend has the power to make any environment look majestic but still classy.